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I wanted to try and practice having a business-type social media presence. I think that it is a really valuable skill to cultivate because so much of modern-day life revolves around social media. I chose Twitter because it is the social media platform that I am most comfortable with.

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Best Tweets from the First 2016 Presidential Debate

As a lot of you probably know, I’m a pretty big Twitter addict. Here are some of my favorite tweets about Monday’s debate.



Shaepable just got a Twitter! Handle: @shaepable

Despair After The Debate

My initial instinct when I was watching the Presidential debates last night was laughter. As usual, Trump was nothing but a clown. Hillary’s sass and dominance struck me as hilarious.

But, as soon as the debates finished, I sunk into a funk. How on earth did we as a country fall this far?

We have two candidates, and from what I’ve heard almost no one is particularly thrilled about either of them. I’m appalled by this. Our elections affect the entire world, and we are so apathetic about our potential leaders.

It’s not that I blame the people. It’s a systemic problem. I won’t get into it now, but I think that it’s tragic that neither party can produce a candidate that the population feels passionate about.

One of our candidates, though I’m not particularly thrilled about her, is a competent, experienced, smart, and dignified woman. The other is a racist, sexist, homophobic, unpredictable, immature pig. The fact that a man like this managed to make it as the Republican candidate terrifies me. I am so scared that a man like this represents half of our country’s voters. According to RealClear Politics, Donald Trump is estimated to be behind Hillary by 2.4% of the vote. He holds 44.3% to Hillary’s 46.7% as of yesterday. I am dumbfounded. How can a man so clearly against everything the United States stands for be one of the leading contenders for the Presidential Office?

Truly, I am embarrassed to be a United States citizen.




My Personal Favorite Quotes From the First Presidential Debate of 2016

Photo from Politico

“My father gave me a very small loan in 1975.” – Donald Trump

“Now, in all fairness to Secretary Clinton… yes, is that OK? Good. I want you to be very happy. It’s very important to me.” – Donald Trump

“I think science is real.” – Hillary Clinton

“Well Donald, I know you live in your own reality, but that is not the facts.” – Hillary Clinton

“You know, just join the debate by saying more crazy things.” – Hillary Clinton

“Wrong.” – Donald Trump

“I don’t think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the DNC. She’s saying Russia, Russia, Russia, but I don’t… maybe it was. I mean, it could be Russia, but it could also be China. It could also be lots of other people. It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, OK?” – Donald Trump

“And, you know, I also notice the very nasty commercials that you do on me in so many different ways, which I don’t do on you. Maybe I’m trying to save the money.” – Donald Trump

“Well, I have much better judgment than she does. There’s no question about that. I also have a much better temperament than she has, you know?” – Donald Trump

“Well, I hope the fact-checkers are turning up the volume and really working hard.” – Hillary Clinton

“I think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. I have a winning temperament.” – Donald Trump

“I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And, yes, I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president.” – Hillary Clinton

Free Myself to the Stars

I tried to tear open my chest with my fingernails

to let my soul out to space.

I’m my own fucking galaxy, stars shining, a swirling mass of light

and I can feel myself floating.

But, like a ball and chain,

my body keeps me bound to earth.


I want to set myself free,

tear open my veins and let my essence flow out with the blood

break my ribs, bars holding me like a jail

crack open my skull to let my thoughts float away.


This world can’t sustain a nebula.

Phnom Pech Hotel Review

This Summer I was in Cambodia for about two and a half weeks on a service trip. I went with an organization called Youthlinc in a group of nearly 40 people. For two weeks I stayed in the Phnom Pech Hotel, my second time staying there. Both times I was in a triple-bed room with two other people.

The service was superb. The owners took good care of the hotel, keeping it neat and tidy. Our rooms were cleaned once a day, and I never had complaints about the services provided.

The rooms were nothing too fancy, but were pleasant. There was a door out to the communal balcony, which I enjoyed because I was able to go out into the cool(er) night air. I also appreciated the air conditioning, a stark contrast to the stifling outdoor heat.

The cafe on the main level served fantastic food. There were many traditional Cambodian dishes to choose from, as well as a large variety of fruits. By far, my favorite was the coffee. I love Cambodian coffee. It is deep and rich, and prepared with palm sugar and condensed milk.

The hotel was close to downtown and a short tuk tuk ride from many Pursat City attractions, including Pursat River and its concrete Boat Island, numerous marble shops, and Buddhist temples.

I would recommend that visitors bring their own toiletries: body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are not provided.

Overall, the Phnom Pech Hotel provided a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone traveling to Pursat.