Go Vote!

Many of you know that I am the director for RHA’s Diversity and Inclusion Board at the University of Utah. Each month, we hold an event for residents promoting some sort of social-justice or inclusion-based issue. This month, we paired up with the Social Justice Advocates to help students get registered to vote. We tabled four days this week at different residence halls.

We actually had a pretty large number of students register with us, which I think is wonderful! I was surprised by the amount of people who wanted to register, but even more surprised by how many people were already registered. In fact, almost everyone we talked to was registered (or at least claimed to be). I even talked to many people who had their absentee ballots in their room, and some who had voted already. I was so excited about this. Traditionally my age-group has had the lowest voter turn-out. I am thrilled to see so many people involved and and excited about voting.

On the flip-side, I talked to a few people who chose not to register or said they were abstaining from the vote.

I am of the belief that voting is more than just a right, it is a duty. I believe that if you are an eligible citizen there is no excuse not to vote, especially in the presidential elections.

Furthermore, this election is arguably the most important in modern US history. The sides are polar opposites, with different opinions on nearly everything. The nation must choose the direction they want us as a country to take because, undoubtedly, this future president elect will be influential in monumental ways.

We have the choice of progress or of backwards movement. I hope that we will continue to go forward to improve our country.

Do research. Educate yourselves on the issues. Then, go and vote on November 8th.

For Utah registration, visit https://secure.utah.gov/voterreg/index.html

To find your polling location, visit https://vote.utah.gov/vote/menu/index


The Number One Reason to Vote for Hillary Clinton

In my opinion there are a plethora of reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Trump.

I only need one.

I’ve written about some of the dangers of climate change before. In a nutshell, climate change causes an infinite amount of problems with real dangers to the earth and to humanity. If climate change is not halted and reversed, we run the risk of serious problems including hunger, loss of land, lack of fresh water, and even eventual extinction. According to the United Nations, by 2025 half of the world’s population will be living with water stress. That is why climate change is the number one problem faced by my generation today.

Donald Trump does not believe in climate change. In his own words, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” He has no plan to reduce emissions in our country and no plan to reverse the effects of climate change. In fact, many of his ideas will push climate change further. He has said that he plans to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is an organization that takes steps against climate change including funding research, educating citizens, and promoting limits on greenhouse gas emissions. By abolishing the EPA, Trump would be taking steps backwards in the realm of environmental protection. This is perilous.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has voiced her concern about climate change and has plans to introduce more sustainable living in the United States. Her plans include solar panels, increasing efficiency of cars, regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, and more. While her plans are nowhere near bold enough to stop the effects of climate change in their tracks, they will slow down US contribution to the crisis. A plan to combat climate change is better than no plan at all. Furthermore, the US taking steps to stop the environmental disaster will encourage other countries to do the same.

Without changes to our environmental policies, our planet will die. It cannot sustain a species so careless as we are.

A Few Opinions on the Final Presidential Debate

Tonight concluded the third (and final) presidential debate. Of course, I have a lot of feelings about what was discussed. If you missed my twitter rampage, here’s a short synopsis of my opinions on a few of the issues and why I feel the way I do about them.

Supreme Court

President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to fill the current vacancy in the United States Supreme Court. However, the Senate has failed to either confirm or deny this nominee and has instead has been in a standstill for 217 days. Two days ago Senator McCain voiced the intent to continue to block Obama’s nominee, and do the same to a Clinton nominee should she be elected president. Constitutionally, the Senate has a duty to move forward with the decision regarding Supreme Court Justice. Without a full Supreme Court, our government cannot fully function. The abject refusal to move forward with the process is not only unconstitutional but damaging to our country. If he is elected president, Trump has already suggested twenty nominees for the seat. As NPR points out his candidates tend to lean towards “originalism,” or following the constitution as directly as possible without taking into account the changing present. Our country is vastly different now from when it began. The constitution is a very old document. Trying to put an olden-day context into the current times simply does not translate over.

The Second Amendment and Gun Regulation

The Second Amendment outlines the rights of citizens to bear arms. I support this, but with limitations. Americans should have access to guns. They deserve to be able to protect themselves and their families and, yes, have fun on the shooting range. However, I believe that we need stronger background checks before people are allowed to purchase guns. Those on the terrorist watchlist, those who have committed violent or hateful crimes, and those who are a danger to themselves or others should not be allowed to have weapons. Additionally, there is no reason the purchase of an assault rifle or machine gun would be necessary. This is not to unreasonably restrict Americans. This is for the safety of the public.


Abortion was heavily discussed during the debates. Trump takes a pro-life stance while Clinton is pro-choice. I support a woman’s right to abortion. There are many situations where an abortion is needed. To name a few: when a woman’s health is in danger, in cases of rape, when a woman is unable to support a child, and when a woman does not want a child. I believe that the rights of a grown, living woman should not be overshadowed by the rights of an unborn fetus. This being said, I do not think that third term abortion should be permitted except for in cases where the woman is in danger because of the pregnancy. Donald Trump suggested the overturn of the Supreme Court case Roe vs. Wade. This was the decision that made it legal for women to receive abortions. If Roe vs. Wade is repealed, it will not stop abortions. It will only stop safe abortions. Women who cannot have a child for one reason or another will still seek to terminate the pregnancy, some at the cost of their own lives.

College Funding

Hillary Clinton has proposed a plan of debt-free college in which families with an income of $125,000 or less will be tuition-free at in-state colleges. This will be paid for by limiting tax deductions for the wealthiest 28 percent of citizens. I think that higher taxes on the wealthy is a fair trade-off for affordable education. Many students graduate thousands of dollars in debt. Some are not able to afford college at all. My generation and the generations following need to be able to go to college. Without an educated future, how can our country continue to advance?


The center of many divisions between the two parties is taxes. Should they be raised or lowered, and who should pay? Trump suggests giving tax cuts to the wealthy and to large businesses, while Clinton suggests raising them. I, personally, believe in tax increases if it means food and shelter, debt-free education, and medical care for those who need it. If taxing those who earn more money will provide life necessities to underprivileged populations, then I support it wholeheartedly. Those who are given more in life should in turn give more to others.

I encourage you to listen to the debate if you have not already. Additionally, please do outside research on both candidates to learn more about their policies and opinions. Form your own opinions on these issues and more. In any election, especially one this important, you can never be too informed.



Product Review: Rimmel London Provocalips Liquid Lipstick

Many of you know that I am a huge fan of makeup. I have been looking to try a liquid lipstick for probably over a year and finally broke down my stinginess enough to purchase some. I bought the Rimmel Provocalips Lip Color in 440 Just Teasing from Target. I was recommended this specific product from a friend of mine who had tried it in the color 750 Heart Breaker. It was very affordable, $6.49. This is perfect for my budget, poor starving college student that I am.

My complaints with the product were minimal. It was hard for me to apply, but I attribute that to the fact that I have never tried liquid lipstick before. The color seemed a little thin but after drying it looked alright. I tried it with and without a second coat. The second coat darkened it considerably. The lipstick took a long time to dry and after it did it maintained a sticky texture. In the end, I set it with baby powder to remove the stickiness.

Despite the minor setbacks, I thought the lipstick was great. It was very long-lasting and resilient. Throughout the day, it went through multiple meals, sweated at a concert, drank plenty of liquids, accidentally rubbing my mouth, etc. It even lived up to its claim of being “kiss-proof.” It didn’t smear or bleed. It was much more reliable and stayed on better than non-liquid lipsticks that I have tried. I had it on from around 3:30pm on Friday until 7:00am on Saturday. When I woke up it was still fully intact. I had to scrub it off with a makeup-wipe in order to remove it. Personally, I appreciate this because I like my lipstick to last through a nuclear war.

For the price, I thought that this was a great lipstick. I will definitely be investing in some other colors.

Provocalips, color 440 Just Teasing
Lip color looks like this when worn

A Confession of Unkindness

I’ve been wanting to get something off my chest.

A few weeks ago, a few of my friends and I went to a concert. On our way home, we ended up getting lost on the Trax lines. We rode clear out to central station before we got off. By the time we stopped, it was too late at night and no more trains were coming. We were sitting at the station trying to figure out what to do when a homeless woman approached us and asked us to listen to her for a moment.

She rolled up one leg of her pants and revealed a large patch of her leg that looked severely infected. She told us it was a spider bite. She went to the hospital weeks ago, but it had gone without care after that and developed gangrene. She was trying to get to the hospital for treatment and asked us if we had a few dollars. She needed twelve to get there.

I had a twenty with me, but I was frozen. I wanted to help but I was reluctant. We were stranded, cold, and tired with no way to get home.

One of my friends handed her the money before I could make up my mind.

I could have helped her, but I didn’t. I should have. And I am ashamed.