My Typical Day in Cambodia

I wake up around six every morning with the full intention of working out a little bit… but usually end up hitting snooze for another half hour.
Breakfast at seven, rice (or sometimes rice porridge) and eggs, pork, or fish. For breakfast here, we eat about the same thing as for the other meals.
We study in the morning for four grueling hours… Learning vocabulary, making sentences, translating pages from our books… When I was in Khmer class at the University of Utah for two hours, I thought that was tough. Staying attentive through four hours of mentally taxing work is incredibly difficult. 
We have a two hour break for lunch. My classmates and I typically walk to the Russian Market, very nearby, and eat at one of the restaurants surrounding it. I’m partial to Bahn Mi Bros, but we found a Japanese restaurant recently that’s really good too. Usually we have time after eating to run some errands or study a little more before class starts again. On a really rough day I take a nap in the corner. I’ve figured out how to arrange the chairs to perfectly match the shape I sleep, slightly curled up and on my side.
We study for another hour with our teachers, and then have the afternoon to either be taken out on a field trip with one of our professors or stay at the school to do our own work. We can study the class materials, or work on our final research project. Mine is about Voluntourism in Cambodia, so I’ve been reading a lot of very depressing things about the orphan trade.
At night, I go home and study for a bit before dinner. My host mother is an amazing cook. We sit on the floor together, and usually one of my host father’s brother and his family joins us as well. We always have fruit after dinner, and sometimes a dessert.
More studying… If I lucky, I have a light workload and can take time to play with the kids or chat with others in the family. With class winding down, though, I’ve had a lot less leisure time.
Once everyone else drifts off to bed, I stay downstairs and stretch a little. I’ve found that this helpsy stress levels.
I end up in bed around eleven after taking some time to decompress. Then, at six, I wake up and do it all over again.


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