Product Review: Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter Singles

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing the makeup aisle at any given grocery store. On one such outing, I stumbled across Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter Singles. Their vibrant color caught my eye and at only 99 cents each I figured I may as well try them out. I bought two colors, Bleached (a holographic white) and Binge (a grape-soda purple).


When I went to apply it, I quickly discovered that there was only a thin layer of glitter on top of a vaseline-like cream base. The glitter was hard to apply, choosing to stick more to my finger than to my eyelid. It stayed put for only about ten minutes before it started to crease.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product, but it was only 99 cents so I really didn’t expect much from it. In a pinch it will do the job, and as long as you don’t apply it to an area that would likely crease then it wasn’t too bad.


Nine Things Men Do That Women Think Are TOTAL TURN-OFFS!

Trying to dictate our wardrobes
I’ll wear what I want.

Telling us how to do our hair
Don’t like it if I dye my hair crazy colors? Don’t like it if I cut it short? I’ll do both just to spite you, thank you very much.

Commenting on how much or how little makeup we should wear
For every remark that I wear too much makeup, I will put on 10% more.

Telling us how to speak, what to say, and what not to say
I’ll swear if I want to. I’ll make penis jokes. And I will be outspoken about things that I’m passionate about.

Complain about what we do with our body hair
I can go weeks or months between shaving my legs but if you tell me I have to or that my unshaven calves are gross, the time between hair removal is going to increase exponentially.

Dictate what kind of jobs we’re allowed to have
I’ll be a housewife if I please, and I’ll have a career of my own if I want to.

Telling us that we’re too emotional
Is it really a crime to cry at the end of Moulin Rouge?

Define us as ‘sluts’ or ‘prudes’
Our sexual activity (or lack thereof) is none of your concern.

Belittling our hobbies as too ‘girly’ or acting shocked if we have hobbies that aren’t ‘girly’ enough
Makeup is my hobby. So is dismantling the patriarchy. What of it?

The hard fact is that women do not give a shit what you find unattractive. If your pastime is writing articles on the internet to critique the way women dress and act, you need to seriously reevaluate your lifestyle.

Product Review: Burt’s Bees Lipstick

I recently received Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Brimming Berry as a gift. You can find it at Target for $8.99 + tax or at Walmart for $8.47 + tax.


I would probably classify Burt’s Bees Lipstick as more of a tinted chap stick than a lipstick.

Brimming Berry, as the name would suggest, is a berry-colored lipstick. The application is very smooth and the creamy texture of the lipstick is comfortable.

As I’ve mentioned in other product reviews, I am usually a person who prefers a very pigmented and opaque lipstick. Burt’s Bees Lipstick is nearly the opposite. It is a sheer color that allows the lips to show through. Despite my usual preferences, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this did not bother me. It made for a more subtle appearance while still adding some color to my smile.

It did not last very long, and I found that I had to reapply about every half hour. Again, I was surprised to find that this did not bother me. A pigmented lipstick is usually very noticeable when it begins to wear off. However, since Burt’s Bees Lipstick is a sheer lipstick, you couldn’t really tell when it began to fade. A huge fear of mine is forgetting to bring my lipstick with me for application. With Burt’s Bees Lipstick, this would not be a problem because it gracefully sinks into your lips instead of fading, flaking, or smearing.

Unlike almost any other lipstick I’ve tried, I noticed that Burt’s Bees Lipstick hydrated my lips instead of drying them out. This was a refreshing change.

Overall, I would recommend Burt’s Bees Lipstick. As I have mentioned, it is not as pigmented as I usually wear but it still had a pretty color with the added benefit of hydration. I thought that the product was quality and worth its price.

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Product Review: E.L.F. Baked Highlighter

I received E.L.F. Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls as a gift recently. You can get it at Target for $2.99 + tax or at Walmart for $4.00 + tax.


Highlighting has been one of the top beauty trends for the last several years. Like most makeup products nowadays, highlighters can come as liquid, cream, and powder. Highlighter is used on prominent areas like the top of your cheekbone, tip of your nose, or bow of your lips in order to bring them out with a shimmery glow.

E.L.F. Baked Highlighter is a baked powder highlighter.

Application of this highlighter is a bit tricky. The powder is packed very tightly and is hard to pick up with a brush. Since I’ve used it nearly every day for the last few weeks the hardest top layer has worn down and it’s become a little easier. That being said, it’s still not as easy as I would hope for.

I usually dust it along my cheekbones, tip of my nose, and the cupid’s bow of my lip. For a highlighter, it is pretty subtle in comparison to some of the higher-end highlighters. However, for every-day use I like a more subtle highlighter. When I have worn it in public, I’ve gotten a lot of comments and compliments about it, which tells me that although it is subtle it is still noticeable.

Overall, I would recommend this highlighter. It is extremely affordable and I have been happy with the subtle but still noticeable glow it provides.


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Covergirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick

Product Review: Covergirl Katy Kat Matte

I bought Covergirl Katy Kat Matte in Perry Panther at Target. It was $6.99, which is fairly affordable for my budget. It is a black cream lipstick.

I have been looking for a black lipstick for a few months now, and finally found one at Target. I got it simply because it was the only black lipstick I have seen in a department store in a long time.

I love the packaging, very clean and modern. The lipstick goes on very smoothly and is a creamy texture which is comfortable to wear. I have not noticed any bleeding.

However, the color itself is somewhat patchy and slightly translucent. I think that in order to look good, a black lipstick needs to be very pigmented and unfortunately this wasn’t the case. After a second coat, it improved slightly.

I always set my cream lipsticks with a translucent powder in order to make them last longer. Despite this, the lipstick did not stay on very long. Between 8:30am and 11:30am, enough had come off to be very visibly noticeable and I had to reapply right after lunch. I was disappointed in this because almost all of my cream lipsticks will stay on through a meal if I set them properly.

Overall, I would not recommend the lipstick. While it isn’t terrible for the price range, I think that you could find a better alternative. I personally would want something with more pigmentation and longer wear.

Product Review: Rimmel London Provocalips Liquid Lipstick

Many of you know that I am a huge fan of makeup. I have been looking to try a liquid lipstick for probably over a year and finally broke down my stinginess enough to purchase some. I bought the Rimmel Provocalips Lip Color in 440 Just Teasing from Target. I was recommended this specific product from a friend of mine who had tried it in the color 750 Heart Breaker. It was very affordable, $6.49. This is perfect for my budget, poor starving college student that I am.

My complaints with the product were minimal. It was hard for me to apply, but I attribute that to the fact that I have never tried liquid lipstick before. The color seemed a little thin but after drying it looked alright. I tried it with and without a second coat. The second coat darkened it considerably. The lipstick took a long time to dry and after it did it maintained a sticky texture. In the end, I set it with baby powder to remove the stickiness.

Despite the minor setbacks, I thought the lipstick was great. It was very long-lasting and resilient. Throughout the day, it went through multiple meals, sweated at a concert, drank plenty of liquids, accidentally rubbing my mouth, etc. It even lived up to its claim of being “kiss-proof.” It didn’t smear or bleed. It was much more reliable and stayed on better than non-liquid lipsticks that I have tried. I had it on from around 3:30pm on Friday until 7:00am on Saturday. When I woke up it was still fully intact. I had to scrub it off with a makeup-wipe in order to remove it. Personally, I appreciate this because I like my lipstick to last through a nuclear war.

For the price, I thought that this was a great lipstick. I will definitely be investing in some other colors.

Provocalips, color 440 Just Teasing
Lip color looks like this when worn